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GoToMarketUSA is your one-stop-shop to successfully establish your company in the U.S.

U.S. Expansion through excellence and execution

why usa?

The U.S. market is one of the biggest in the world, offering great opportunities for companies in all major industries. Interested in finding out what it looks like for your industry and company? Follow the link below to let us assist you in deciding whether expansion is right for you.

why work with us?

We believe in focusing on finding suitable partnerships and clients in an early stage to start gaining traction and drive sales quickly. Less talking, more doing. With offices in California and in Stockholm, Sweden, we can accommodate your needs locally regardless of your whereabouts.

Five-Step Acceleration Model

An international expansion is a complex endeavor, but we want to make sure you understand what to expect when hiring us. Our unique, customizable Acceleration Model shows you how we take advantage of a Lean Startup approach to help your company succeed in the U.S.


See what our past and current clients think about our work on establishing their respective products and services in the U.S. Thanks to our extensive network, we can assist people and companies in many different industries and make sure they succeed.

Christian Ă–stberg

Chairman, Prebona AB (publ)

“They made sure we gained traction, created the right partnerships, and started seeing revenue opportunities quickly.”
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Anders Skarman

Former CEO, MedicPen AB (publ)

“GoToMarketUSA helped us improve our value proposition and adjusted our business model to the U.S.”
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Magnus Folkelid

Business Manager, Cortus AB (publ)

“Among other things, they assisted us with the right connections to receive a $5 million grant and have a great network in California.”
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some of our clients

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