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U.S. Market Expansion in Practice

what gotomarketusa can do for you

At GoToMarketUSA, we can help you with everything from deciding whether making a move to the U.S. market is a good idea for your company, create and imply initial strategies, to execute the expansion, drive sales and ensure future growth. In other words, we will be acting as a representative of your company, offering you the benefits of a local presence without leaving your home. 

Assess market-readiness

Our industry experience and knowledge of American business practices enable us to provide a straightforward assessment of the company and product readiness for the U.S. market. This assessment includes an initial evaluation of your offering. We provide guidance on how to present your company and ideas in the best light for this market and suggest how to fine-tune your offering before entering the market.

Collect customer feedback

When analyzing the market, we pinpoint a selection of key potential customers that can provide early feedback on your product offering and value proposition. This effort often includes face-to-face customer meetings and pilot installations. This early interaction with customers allows for you to test market your assumptions before making significant investments and to fine-tune your offering and strategy as needed before market entry.

Evaluate market potential

GoToMarketUSA offers a cost-effective strategy, that minimizes risk and maximizes return on investment, to evaluate market needs and allocate opportunities to grow or establish a market presence.

Secure Funding

We have in-depth experience of applying for and receiving grants in Sweden and in the U.S. that are designed to promote growth. Both in Europe and in the U.S. we work with partners with special competence in this area.

create market entry strategy

A presence in the US can take on many different forms depending on how much time and money your company is willing to invest within a given time frame, and what risks you are ready to take on. We work closely with companies to help them to evaluate entry options and determine which is most appropriate. We develop a market entry strategy that identifies:

  • Business model and business strategy
  • Sales and support channel strategies
  • Partners to work with
  • Where to focus efforts geographically in the US
  • Introduction to investors

Act as your local representative

When establishing your business in the U.S., GoToMarketUSA can act as your local representative in the U.S. market in a variety of ways, including:

  • Visiting customers with or without representatives from your company
  • Providing qualified customer service
  • Participating in trade shows to generate interest in your business
  • Negotiating contracts and establishing partnerships
  • Providing assistance with practical business matters such business licenses, physical and virtual office space, inventory and legal and tax matters

the five-step acceleration model

This model was created to simplify the deliverance and implementation of our services. The model is flexible, meaning it can be applied to companies in different stages. For example, if you already have done thorough research and made sure the U.S. market is for you, then we can simply start the process at the third step. 


Initial evaluation of company and market

  • Meeting with company representatives and/or owners and board members.
  • Decide company readiness
  • Evaluate your industry in the U.S. market
  • This stage is carried out entirely free of charge and future commitments

We need from you: Provide us with a brief description of your planned U.S. expansion, including goals, expectations, etc.


Feasibility Report

  • Market reserach: Opportunities, competitors, regulations
  • Evaluate and adapt value proposition
  • Locate partners, clients, investors, grants
  • Analyze manufacturing and distribution (if applicable)
  • Decide on commercialization design, e.g. joint venture, licensing agreement

We need from you: Provide us with current product/service value proposition, marketing material, support


Implementation of Strategy

  • Register U.S. company and set up U.S. office run by GoToMarketUSA or company employees
  • Set up operation, including marketing, sales, administration, production, distribution, and more
  • Conduct pilot testing with initial clients
  • Keep gathering customer and partner feedback and adjust strategy accordingly

Your role: Support on product/service specific matters and provide smooth communication



  • Drive sustainable growth and allocate additional investors
  • Evaluate further expansion opportunities

Your role: Support on product/service specific matters and provide smooth communication



  • Possibility to revist earlier stages
  • GoToMarketUSA exits partnership

Your role: Now, the stage is all yours!

Please be advised that GoToMarketUSA always conducts an initial evaluation, free of cost, to determine opportunities and therefore reserves the right not to enter into partnership with companies not deem fit for the market. 

Interested in how we would customize this approach to fit your company's needs?

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