How We Work

A Different, Simplified Approach to U.S. Market Expansion

Our Values

When establishing your business in the U.S., GoToMarketUSA relies on a few simple core values to ensure a successful expansion

partnership and collaboration

We believe that a partnership should be built on trust, transparency, great communication, and shared agreements and responsibilities between GoToMarketUSA and our clients. 

Furthermore, we have established an extensive network in California and other areas in the U.S. which we connect our clients to.

shared risks and rewards

Taking your business overseas can be risky. We help you evaluate your product and market and take responsibility for the result. Therefore, we share the risks with our customers and our partners, and we do this with commission and retainers. By sharing the risks we increase the chances of succeeding together. 

We co-invest, share risk and target reward based on milestones and sales growth.

local, customized u.s. team

For each new project, we put together a local, customized team of experts to ensure your company succeeds. These teams consists of professionals within all operational areas such as sales, marketing, accounting, legal, manufacturing, distribution, and more. 

This means you can rest assure your company is provided with the platform it needs to pursue an American endeavor. 

creating traction and revenue

We believe in lean start-up models and being open-minded about adjusting the business model according to the U.S. customer’s needs.

This allows us to ensure that pilots will be successful, making it possible to quickly generate traction and revenue, and develop a track record early on in the project. 

In summary, we believe that by working with us we can build revenue faster with less risk and operational cost in the US market. We recommend to start early and to work with pilots and small projects for fast traction – learning by doing. 

what makes gotomarketusa different

As mentioned above, we are focusing on creating revenues and establishing long-term partnerships with U.S. industrial partners in sales, investments, and manufacturing. Our goal is to finance the growth with U.S. investments. Compared to other organizations working with export and growth, GoToMarketUSA has a different approach in accordance with the Lean Start-Up Model, aiming to quickly provide market feedback and create traction. See below table for comparison.


  • Local, narrowed segmentation
  • Specialist
  • Focus on relationship
  • Focus on implementation
  • Focus on end customer
  • Focus on implementation from a "user benefits" perspective

government-supported organization for export and growth

  • Global, all segments
  • Generalist
  • Focus on information
  • Focus on research and planning
  • Focus on the client
  • Focus on implementation from a technical perspective

the lean startup model

Our lean market entry model offers a more dynamic approach to the US market than do traditional consulting, incorporating a “learning-by-doing” mindset, enabling early market feedback. This lets your company enter the US market at a lower cost with less risk by gradually increasing your presence while quickly getting results. We work hands-on and provide clear timeframes and costs for each step.

It is important to understand key customers early in the process in order to understand how to add the value they are looking for. To manage these dialogues some preparations will be required already from the beginning:

  • Information packages with answers to expected questions
  • A hypothesis regarding expected successful business models
  • A hypothesis regarding attractive value propositions for expected stakeholders

We will support you to prepare this material. With this as a base, a team will be able to bring up key questions to selected customers, partners, and experts, and possible investors, to rapidly validate the hypothesis regarding business models, offerings, value propositions, etc.

Feel free to watch the above video for more information on the Lean Startup approach. 

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